Caravans are used by people who either want to save money on hotel stays, want to holiday in the open or in out-of-the way places, want to pack in as much as possible into as little time as possible. There are many types of caravans on sale, and people can also customize their options, before they buy the caravans. It is easy to find the basic amenities and some advanced technically-superior features in a caravan, and they are eco-friendly also.

What are the Different Types of Caravans?

    • Conventional Caravans

These caravans are single axle caravans and are anywhere between 3 meters to 6.5 metres long. These caravans, based on their size, can sleep between 2 to 6 people. Caravans are normally fitted with a washroom consisting of a toilet, sink and shower. They also do have a kitchen space which comes equipped with a sink, a kitchen platform as well as a hob.

    • Twin Axle Caravans

These types of caravans are larger than the single axle ones and offer the users more stability. They are easier to tow on roads but they do pose problems when they are on-site.

    • Teardrop Trailers

These trailers are normally towed by other vehicles. They consist of a double bed as well as an area, where basic cooking facilities are available. There is also place to store equipment in the trailer.

    • Pop Top Caravans

This caravan has less frontal space and it can be towed. This also has a roof that can be lifted to make more vertical space. These caravans can be stored in normal garages.

    • Tiny GRP Caravans

These caravans consist of glass and plastic bodies. They are light and they have basic functionalities.

    • Folding Caravans

These caravans can be unfolded when needed. They increase in height. These caravans come fully equipped. However, unfolding them can be both time consuming as well as inconvenient.

    • T@B Caravans

These caravans are similar to teardrop caravans and offer a double bed, a kitchen and a chemical toilet.

    • The American Airstream

These caravans are stylish, elegant and offer all the comforts what one could imagine. These are used by movie stars and pop icons.

    • Fifth Wheelers

These caravans need to be towed by a pickup truck. They have a lot of living space as well as some sections can slide out and thus create even more space.

Caravans have been around for ages and continue to be popular. They are bought and sold all the time. They can be either bought new or second hand. When one wants to buy or sell caravans, it is important to inform or to be informed of the following aspects:

Aspects to Consider When Buying or Selling Caravans

While choosing the caravans on sale, it is important to notice whether the caravan is touring or a static one, and what is the price of it. If it is a resold caravan, then the customers must inquire about the manufacturer, the number of berths it has, the length, height and the total mileage that the caravan can give. The layout of the rooms and the axles that are required to run the caravan, are also important factors that need consideration. Apart from this, you must also check the wash basin and also the feature of the cooking area and the kitchen space. The MTPLM or the “maximum technically permissible laden mass” or the kerb weight of the car. It should ideally be 85% of the car’s kerb weight.

When one wants to purchase a caravan they can check the caravan directories as well as dealer directories. There are also exchange directories which allow the user to upgrade their caravan or have dealer who accepts requests for part exchanges.