The primary instinct of any person is security. The preservation of one’s belongings and family takes precedence in anyone’s life. You can install a security door in your home, office or in your warehouse, where your belongings and property are kept safe from prying eyes and you can also retain your privacy. Doors are physical barriers to keep unwanted elements out of the home. They are also used to provide a physical barrier to natural elements. Doors keep out the dust, cold, heat, scorching rays of the sun as well as animals or unwanted people.

Traditional and Modern Security Doors: Prevent Theft and Burglary as well as Foreign Elements

In days gone by, doors were made of wood and for extra security they were reinforced with a cross piece of wood. When extra security was required metal studs were added to doors and for an even more heightened security, metal spikes were added to doors. The best part is that, you can easily install security alarms and advanced cameras on these doors, so that your security gets doubled, and you do not have to suffer from any external threats, since these doors are usually made of wood, steel or aluminum. Metal frames also give these doors an added durability.

  • Door security involves more than just security of homes against theft and burglaries. It encompasses security of huge offices, shops, government buildings, commercial complexes, schools and institutions. The security involves even soundproofing, bullet proofing, fire resistance, pressure resistance and lead lined doors. These are barriers against armed robberies, arson, mass shootings or even from preventing fires from spreading.
  • Steel doors are versatile. They can be either hollow or made of solid steel. There are various types of steel doors which are offered and which cater to the user’s requirements.

Steel doors can be fitted with fire resistant insulation; they can have electronic locks or biometric locks which can be placed as far as even seven feet from the door. These doors can be fitted with concealed hinges as well as side bolts and/or locking bolts. Based on the user’s requirement thick steel gauges can be used both for outer panels, inner panels, door frames as well as the U channel reinforcement.

What are the Different types of Steel Security Doors?

The different types of steel doors are:

  • Standard hollow doors and frames
  • Acoustical
  • Pressure and blast resistant
  • Bullet resistant
  • Watertight and sanitary
  • Lead Lined
  • Stainless steel

Advantages offered by Steel Doors

Steel doors offer various advantages. They are listed below:

  • They can suit any requirement of the user and the fact that steel is versatile means that there are various options that are offered with regards the range. Since these are available in many designs, they can provide more customized options to the buyers.
  • It is more durable and long lasting. They resist wear and tear and do not require annual maintenance. It can be beautifully crafted and adds aesthetic appeal. These doors require less manufacturing cost when compared to the overall functionality of the door.
  • These doors do not rot or even split even in the most extremes of conditions and are able to handle bad weather. When fitted with screens, the steel door allows for good ventilation as it allows the light and air to come through.

Finally, while buying steel security doors, you must remember that, they are resistant to rust and they provide resistance to denting as well as delamination. They also provide temperature resistance. Moreover, there are ranges which have HCFC free insulation of foam which does not damage the environment.