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The most unpleasant thing to do in a house is the work of unclogging the clogged grains. You may never want to wade in the pool of dirty water due to the fact that you did not or failed to clear blocked drains in your house. There is always a possibility of calling a plumber but this option is going to burn hole in your pockets too. So, what is the other option? Well the only option left is that you do the job yourself. Yes if you have to clear blocked drains then you can use these tips below,

Tip 1:

If the clog is in the basin or the tube drainage the first thing that you must do is cover the opening with a rug that is wet. If the clogged basin is the one that has two sinks then you must cover both the openings. Similarly for the bathroom drain you must also cover the opening of the drain with a wet rug. You should cover all the openings of the drains which are connected with each other. If this method does not work you must try the next one.

Tip 2:

The plunger is the next step in the unclogging of the clogged drain. First of all you must fill the basin with water till it covers the head of the plunger. Now just seal the plunger at the base of the basin where the opening of the drain is present. Now just pump the plunger up and down as rapidly as possible. This will move the water up and down the drain due to the suction pressure created by the plunger and will help dislodge the obstruction present in the drain. As soon as the drain is unclogged the water will rush out of it. Now, if this also fails to work move on to the next trick.

Tip 3:

The best way to clear blocked drains when all the above methods fail, is by the use of chemical drain opener. This is a chemical that reacts with water to form caustic substances that dissolve the obstruction in the drain pipe. But you must also take care that this chemical can dissolve some plastic fixture of your drainage system.

Tip 4:

The last and the most effective method of unclogging your drain is by using a drain and trap auger. First of all uncap the drain opening after the removal of the strainer or pop up stopper that is placed to prevent the big objects from entering the drain pipe. The auger wire is then inserted into the drain pipe through the opening. The handle of the auger wire is then cranked. After this just make the thumbscrew loose and tight on the lever and move the wire deeper in to the pipe. Wherever the wire touches the obstruction move the wire back and forth till the obstruction is removed. This will definitely clear blocked drain pipe.

Tip 5:

It is more difficult to clear blocked drains of the floor and the main drain pipes than those of basins and tubs.

You must remember that if you want your drain pipes to work without posing any problem for very long periods of time you must not throw in the basin or tubs the substances that are big in size or those that later get solidified to form an obstruction in the drain pipe. Such things may sometime pose great problems and so much so that it may become mandatory for you to get the whole pipe changed. Taking care of it from the beginning will help you save a lot of time and money.