Our cars are also a machine and every machine needs regular checkups and repairs to provide a good performance. Vehicles go through a number of maintenance at regular interval in order to work in top shape for a long time period of time. This procedure of car servicing is done on cars after a certain period or if the vehicle has travelled for specific distance. The car servicing must be done at manufacturer’s service center or reputed auto repair shops. Servicing the car under good mechanic helps to extend the life of the automobile. Hence, it is ideal to trust the professionals for checkups and car repairs.

Levels of Car Service

The owner has to decide when car needs servicing in order to have a long life. There are different levels of servicing that the owner can choose for their car.

  • First level

The least level of service that vehicle may require is the safety service. It is the most reasonably priced servicing that can live up to 12 months or allow running the car up to 15,000 km. The servicing involves testing the battery, replacing engine oil, replacing oil filter, inspecting bonnet, examining belts and hoses, handbrake adjustment, checking charging system and cooling system etc.

  • Second level

If you want the vehicle to run smoothly for about 24 months and around 30,000 km, the owner can also go for the upper level of safety service. This kind of major service costs little more than the safety level servicing. The major service includes the services included in the safety level and provides extras like checking the engine management system, replacement of the air filter, external fuel filter and non-platinum spark plugs.

  • Third level

The next level of servicing can let the car last for around three years and about 45,000km. In this the oil levels are checked, oil filter, air filter, plugs are replaced as well as the handbrake, engine, bonnet and engine systems are checked. The brake fluid are checked and replaced in this level. The coolant is also checked and replaced here.

  • Fourth level

The ultimate level of servicing involves everything the previous services include along with some added services. The owner can ask for fuel tank additive, on-car fuel injector flush, engine de-carbonization and throttle body clean.  The level ensures the car stays in good standard for a period of 48 months, or for 60,000 km.

Caring for your Car

Car servicing is important to extend the vehicle. The automobile can smoothly run for a long period of time if good care is taken. Regular servicing of the car under professional technicians at reputed service center can keep the car in good shape. The main aim of any car service is to examine every part of the vehicle and then replace the parts which is faulty or can break down in the future. Although every car requires different levels of services at different intervals yet the regular check-up of parts like engine oil, brakes, oil filters and spark plugs are common for all the vehicles.

Along with regular servicing of car at garages or service center, the owner can follow basic steps to take care for the car. In order to keeps the car in good working condition one can take care of the vehicle by the following ways:

  • The manufacturer provides a maintenance schedule with the car. The owner of new car can go according the plan that is prescribed in the book as a preventive measure.
  • When the car shows some kind of minor faults, don’t neglect and immediately get it examined by the trusted technicians.
  • If the car requires any replacement, then you need to get it done as soon as possible. The delay may lead to major fault or even break down in the future.

So, take care of your vehicle by the following above ways of regular servicing of the car under professional technicians.