Are you tired of the modern kitchen designs which keep their focus on clean and clear-cut lines which are extremely modern and give off the vibe of extreme functionality? Do you want to make your kitchen look like those seen in earlier European films? These kitchens were mostly done up in the French provincial style which has come to take over the modern design scenario in most portfolios. If you want to surprise your friends or be different from the crowd then you can certainly try to go for ethnic kitchen designs.

The French provincial style is imported from Bordeaux and Provence where it was the style followed in provincial regions where wood and timber are available much cheaper than in towns. But this has grown into a trend through centuries and nowadays houses right in the middle of bustling cities have the bliss of enjoying a provincial French style kitchen. It offers you the perfect way to blend both modern and ethnic designs together in a mould that will beautify you home. The French provincial kitchens were originally made with wood from oak, beech or walnut trees which give off the perfectly polished vibe. The kitchen is characterized by a door that leads straight to the kitchen garden and beautiful warm interiors that create a perfect setting for family get-togethers.

Tips for Getting the Perfect French provincial Kitchen:

  • Remember to suit the color of the furniture according to the theme you are catering to. French furniture is generally muted and do not go with flashy interior walls. Choose the color of your wall or wallpaper accordingly. If you want to add a modern edge to your kitchen then you can be in a pop of color that goes with the rest of your color scheme. Dark furniture can also be utilized but you need to carefully consider, compare and then ensure that it blends in well with the rest your kitchen decor.
  • There should be a dining table made from real timber. You cannot bring in a transparent glass dining table as that does not match the style. But you can definitely bring in some arty lounge chairs to relax in as straight-backed wooden chairs are not good to relax in. Remember that you do not need to be stringent with the decoration. A kitchen is a space that is meant for the whole family and comfortable spaces keep a family much happier than kitchens which are styled to the tee.
  • French provincial kitchens are best suited to accommodate your friends or guests in -huge numbers. If there is a good quantity of space available to make it a full provincial-style then you are in for luck. Otherwise, with a smaller space too you can go in for French furnishings but make sure to bring in modern furnishings that will utilize your space in a wise manner.
  • You can bring in your own aesthetics even if you are consulting a designer. A designer will help you if you ask him to but bringing in personal touches is a must. There are a wide number of designs available which lets you mix and match creatively and then infuse the modern style with the provincial one.
  • Go with understated tones of colors such as light blue or beige or light coffee as these will highlight the intricate designs of your cabinets, drawers and countertops. As these kitchens were created to suit the sensibilities of French architects, the best in terms of design, so they were given a look that is both sophisticated and elegant.

These are the above tips to get the perfect French provincial kitchen for your home interior designs. Visit us to know more guidelines about to add aesthetic value to your home.