Each time you deal in a used vehicle there are certain stipulations by the respective state governments regarding the registration of the vehicle. Roadworthy certificate is mandatory for the name transfer of your car and if you want to sell your car, then you need to collect your roadworthy certificate first. This certificate does not prove that your car is new; it is just a safety measurement certificate which means that your car is safe to drive on road. Roadworthy certificate conducts some basic safety measurement tests of your car like checking the windscreen, tires, engine, fuel consumptions, car body and brakes. But the buyer of your car needs to show this certificate during the name transfer and this is valid for few months and all the formalities need to be completed within the stipulated time.

What is the Checking List of Roadworthy Certificate?

The only way to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate is to take it to an authorized servicing or inspection station that can perform the specified check on the vehicle. Some of the major running areas are:

  • The wheels and the tire are checked so that they are not in a damaged condition or such that it will deteriorate further. The vehicle should not have a temporary use wheel fitted for the purpose of running on the road.
  • The steering and the suspension of the vehicle are tested so that the vehicle drives straight without veering and that they are correctly mounted.
  • The brake and the components are checked thoroughly for the correct functioning and also they are checked for the physical wear that they may have undergone.
  • The lights that are tested for the roadworthiness have varying specifications depending on the type of vehicle under inspection. But the general rules of the headlamps, the brake lights, the turning signal blinkers, the number plate light and the front and rear lamps are followed.
  • The vehicle body and its chassis are another important areas that the vehicle must clear in a roadworthy test. The body is checked for cracks and damage all over.

The Additional Checking of the Roadworthy Certificate:

Apart from these major specifications there are also other general and more minute’s specifications that the state laws specify depending on the place from where it is issued. The seats and the seat belts are subject to test to ascertain that the driver’s seat is free from any impediment that could lead to a mishap. The floor of the body, the doors, the boot and the bonnet along with the respective latch systems also form part of the series of test checks. Each of the outer fittings like the mud-bars and the tow-bars are checked so that they are fitted securely onto the body of the vehicle. All the necessary glass like the windscreen and the mirrors are checked so that they do not impede the primary vision of the driver in any way. The windscreen wipers are also checked for their correct functioning. Other accessories such as the steering controls knobs ad pedals, the horns and the other warning devices and proper fuel filter caps are also checked. Nothing that is of temporary nature is accepted and all fittings have to permanent so that the vehicle cab passes the roadworthy test.

Some service stations may give you a cheap quote and later charge you the extras to make up for the total cost. It is good to compare and get the details before you actually book an appointment. In case a vehicle fails to clear the roadworthy test, you will have to engage the mechanics to do the necessary repair jobs before booking another date for the vehicle to go through the test formalities.

These are the above information about the roadworthy certification for your car safety. Visit here to know more details about it.