Everybody likes to make healthy fruit juices at home because they provide nutritional benefits unlike the one found in the super market. If you want to buy or sell natural juice then you can purchase the Best commercial cold press juicer from the online store at reasonable prices. It deploys cutting edge technology to crush the fruits into pulp and converts the ingredients into vitamin enriched juices. Reverse action automatic juicing is also available for the users. You should follow certain tips to buy the product of your choice.

Search on the Internet:

Internet is one of the most important platforms to find the Best commercial cold press juicer available in the market. All that you need to do is to browse the product according to the requirements and specifications. There are different portals offering juicers in varying configurations. You should read the specifications carefully before arriving at the final decision.

Ease of Use:

Machines should provide user friendly interface to the customers so that they can accomplish the task in an easy and hassle free manner. Commercial cold press juicer is supported by high end technology and uses minimum power to extract the juice from the fruits. While buying the product, you should read the manual carefully as it will be helpful in successful operation. Powerful 35 W motor works in tandem with the crusher to press the ingredients into pulp.

Warranty of the Product:

You should check the warranty period of the juicer and if any defect is found within the stipulated time period, the vendor will replace it with the new one. Buy the item from a reputed retailer because the quality is assured; however, a lesser known vendor can sell defective pieces and it will do more harm than good.

Machine Should Keep the Nutrients Intact:

One of the most powerful attributes of the juicer is that it crushes the mix of fruits and vegetables before pressing it for the highest juice yield. Since significant heat is not produced, the nutritional value of the fresh ingredients is kept intact.  People who prefer healthy green juices should buy the product because it is an ideal tool that helps to improve the body metabolism.

Underlying Technology:

The Best commercial cold press juicer operates in a slower mode and it is more effective than the centrifugal juicer. Slow squeezing technology is used along with heavy duty strainer to get the best results. Device is marked by quiet motor and versatile functionalities.

Test the Juice Quality:

When you are buying the slow press juicer, make sure that it is providing quality juice. It should comprise of higher yield and dry pulp. Read the claim of the manufacturers and test it accordingly before taking the final decision. Generally, the cold press juicer generates 30% more nutrition than the conventional machines.

Simple Cleaning Procedure:

Design of the machine should not be complex or else it might create problems for the customers as far as cleaning the components are concerned. Dry pulp can get stuck into the fans and give an hard time to the users. You should check the reviews of the customers who have purchased the machines in the past. They can provide detailed information that might help you in honing on the final choice.


Compared to its centrifugal cousin, the machine generates far less noise and is ideal for operation under home condition as well. Nutritional juices can be created on a fly with minimum consumption of power. Cold pressed machines squeeze the ingredients gradually while the conventional juicers use the noisy blades to complete the job.

Follow the above certain tips to buy the best commercial cold press juicer of your choice.