A carport is a covered structure used for the protection of vehicles. These structures can either be free standing or attached to a wall. The vehicle industry is at its boom. Each household has at least 2-3 vehicles preferably a car. The increase in vehicles on the road has led to shortage of parking spaces. Although modern day construction designates a huge parking space but the shortage of space is evident. A basic ground level, commercial double carport or a multi-level carport offers a possible solution.

Why Do You Need Commercial Double Carports?

Carports are constructed for mainly the following reasons:

  • Covered parking for multifamily housing
  • Covered parking structures for commercial and institutional complexes

The commercial double carports are strong structures that are made with aluminum, steel, vinyl or wood. Steel carports are extremely durable and strongest. Galvanized steel carports come with zinc finish for rust proof, weather proof and a sturdy roof construction. Apart from offering authorized parking solution they also protect vehicles from weather issues like storms and sunlight. These carports are only frames giving open feel to the parking space. Their structure and design makes them economical to be built rather than making more concrete parking spaces. A commercial carport is an open sided, roofed structure that is made to allow parking vehicles like car, van, truck, boat, trailer or recreational vehicle (RV) etc. These carports may be closer to the commercial set up or away depending on the space on which they are built. The aim of commercial carport is to provide bulk parking solution. This is the reason why they are erected at a walk able distance i.e. away from the main building. Designated and approved place, supporting posts and a roof are the basic and structural requirement for commercial carports.

Commercial double carports have a wider structure that allows the cars to be parked opposite each other. They are designed with full roof coverage feature extending in two directions.   They are also known as double wide carport.  Such a structure in commercial set up allows optimum usage of space and easier parking and navigation of larger sized vehicles.  They are ideal for large, open parking areas where minimal interference from support posts is required.  Commercial double carports are simple to assemble as compared to multi level parking slots. In commercial set up these carports are mainly found in T shape structure that is space saving and allows to accommodate many cars at length.

Origins of Carports

The history and the development of carport started from the 19th century. The term carport is derived from the term covered portal. Back then it was an architectural element constructed for elite homes and hotels to provide shelter to coaches and buggies. Around the mid 1930’s Frank Lloyd Wright made this concept popular when he started providing carports as prominent feature to his architecturally styled homes.

One of the things that outrage the driver’s is the inability to find a safe and authorized car parking space. The town planners and designers are grappling to reconcile the need for parking space Car parking has become a modern day dilemma.  It’s interesting to notice that even after many years; carports are the best parking options for drivers. Commercial carports restrain clutter, give adequate shelter to vehicles, require less building materials for construction, multi-tasks well, and have unique classy designs.

With rise in environmental concerns, both commercial and residential set ups are increasingly looking at installing carports instead of garages, as these carports can doubly act as solar panel. Modern manufacturing techniques have made them durable, sturdy and versatile. For these reasons and more, the residential and commercial carports continue to increase popularity in usage and saving of space.

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