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You wish to have a juice shop or want to start drinking healthy juices at home, but are you worried about the effort you have to put in juicing? Don’t worry, as there are lots of cold pressed juice machines available in the market. They provide tasty juices than normal juice machines. We can compare any best cold pressed juice machine with a conventional juice machine and one will find a lot of difference and will see that the old pressed juice machine that stands apart.  Some features of the cold pressed juice machine are pointed below.

  • Provides nutritious juice
  • Gives maximum yield from the ingredients
  • Gives tastier juices
  • Heat production is less
  • Nutrients are intact as the machine presses ingredients slowly

Known widely as masticating juicer or slow-press juicer, cold pressed juice machines are widely in use due to its above features. They do not have fast moving blades and so they squeeze the ingredients whether it is the fruits or vegetables into juices that have maximum nutrients. The cold pressed juice machines also have few other features like quiet motor system, automatic ejection of pulp, ease in maintenance and cleaning and some even provide two stage juicing.

Few Tips to Check When Trying To Buy Cold Pressed Juice Machines

If you are planning to invest on the best cold pressed juice machine then do not overlook the following points. With the availability of lot of brands in market one is bound to get confused. Hence the following are very helpful in choosing the best one, as health is the most important feature to all of us.

  • There are various brands and models available in cold pressed juice machines and one must review the best one and choose
  • The machine should yield more juice and give out dry pulp
  • The machine should not cost much
  • The juice should have durable and hard augers to get put juices from tough fruits and vegetables
  • The machine should be easy to use and easy to clean
  • The parts in the machine should be easy to wash
  • All the parts should be attached and detached easily
  • If cleaning is a problem, then there are few machines that also provide auto-cleaning facility
  • Make sure the cold pressed juice machine emanates less noise. This will prove that it slowly compresses the ingredients rather than roughly chopping and squeezing.
  • If you need to add on features like food processing or nuts processing then purchase the best cold pressed juice machine.

There are two types of cold press juice machine, one is used in industrial and one is commercial. The industrial version is a bit bulky as it produces loads of juice at a same time for mass usage. Both the version use hydraulic press method to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. HPP or high pressure process enables the extracted juice to be kept for about a month or so if stored properly. Being there for a number of years, only of late it has got the limelight thanks to the fitness nature of today’s generation. The juice is extracted in a different way as opposed to the traditional method of using centrifugal or a single auger method.

Step 1: The fruits or vegetables are put in the machine one by one

Step 2: The machine first grinds the ingredients to one pulp

Step 3: The hydraulic press slowly squeezes all the juice from the pulp 

Step 4: The dry pulp is thrown out

Instant juices can be availed in a jiffy to help you to stay healthier for years. Get your hands on the best cold pressed juice machine to enjoy the taste of life.