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A security door is installed to prevent illegal entry from intruders. Security doors offer higher level of protection from storms and weather abuse compared to a regular door. They come in two types:

a) Open work steel door which looks like wrought iron and has a back panel that is made of the tempered glass.

b) The other type looks like a regular fiberglass or wooden door and it is actually made of steel with strong side fixings.

A security screen door can be added for an extra protection. A security door can also be used to protect escape routes, basements, vaults etc. While choosing a security door, one needs to take the following important things into account.

  • The style and design of your house
  • Material of the door
  • Cost of the doors
  • Door installation

The present work culture, lifestyle and travelling patterns have introduced a drastic change in the living and working environment. With nuclear families coming up; the working couples are becoming more common. Thus, homes are left unattended for long durations, and this leaves them prone to break- in. The safety of precious assets has increased the need for safety in the offices as well. The steel security doors offer the ultimate solution to this problem with complete safety. The steel body and state of art technology with unique features like: exclusive finish, non duplicable keys, multiple point lever locking system and many more provides perfect protection.

Features of steel security doors

  • Higher strength
  • 100% water proof and fire resistant
  • Weather and termite proof
  • Special polymer blocks are provided for ideal Hinge fitting
  • Can be easily colored or polished
  • Mild alkali and acid proof
  • Variety of fixtures can be fitted

Application of Steel security doors

  • Hospitals
  • Housing projects
  • Hostels
  • Industries
  • Villas and bungalows
  • Educational institutions
  • Hotels and resorts

Almost all the steel security doors are made according to the high quality procedures and they include a multi point locking system that locks 12 different points around the steel frame. Standard and heavy duty versions of single doors are available in the market. The only difference between them is the thickness of steel that is used on the door blade and steel frame.

Features of a Standard steel security door

  • They are available in both regular and heavy duty weights
  • Threshold can be easily removed
  • Multi point locking system
  • Door frames can be easily expanded : Normally two sizes are available: 880mm – 940mm & 980mm – 1040mm
  • Height can be altered
  • Unbreakable panel for door closer
  • Two anti jimmy hinge bolts
  • Powder coated
  • Easy installation

Features of double locking/ heavy duty steel security door

  • Threshold can be easily removed
  • Unbreakable panel for door closer
  • Powder coated which can be altered
  • Height can be altered
  • Door width is expandable
  • Anti-jemmy hinge bolts fixed into each leaf
  • Available in multipoint locking and fire exit styles
  • Built In shoot bolts are present with inactive leaf
  • Comes with stainless steel handles, lock and hinges

Steel security doors inhibit a double locking version and are manufactured in accordance with the heavy duty specification. The multi locking system present in the doors lock into the top of the frame and all around the sides with two studs on the pivot side of the door.

Why choose a steel security door?

A steel security door performs two key functions because of its construction and strength.

a) Protection against fire

b) Augmented security

These are the above features about the steel security doors for safety of your home. Visit this link for more details about it.