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So you have found a fantastic auto servicing deal at your daily deal store. You are excited to finally get your car servicing done in a fraction of what it actually has cost you. But be careful before coming to a decision.  If you will not be careful, then you could end up being ripped off by the unscrupulous mechanic. It is not that hunting for car servicing deals is a bad idea, it’s just that you must remain on safe side when you take your car to a shop you have never been to before. Here are some of the most common tactics mechanics use in order to milk their customers; and how to call out their bluff.

  1. Unnecessary replacement of parts

Batteries are the prime target for this dirty mechanic trick, along with other parts that can be easily removed and put back. The mechanic will tell you how your batteries are dying and how they need to be urgently replaced, even when there is no need to replace them and they are actually running perfectly fine. He will do a nice scrub job of the batteries, put them back, and charge you for new batteries. It’s a clear profit margin for the shop.

In order to avoid being bluffed in this way, always invest in some good diagnostic tools. Such tools will tell you if actually there is any problem with the vital functions of your car or not, such as the engine, brakes, batteries etc. In this way, you will be aware if a part needs replacement or not.

  1. Replacing parts with counterfeit ones

Again, it’s an old mechanic trick to dupe you of your hard earned money. While this one is a little difficult to call out immediately, there are still ways around. First, mark the part that needs to replaced with a permanent marker, and ask the mechanic to give you the old part back. In this way, you can easily trace whether the part has been replaced or not. Second, once the replacement is done, take your car to a dealer or an authorized service center of the manufacturer and ask them to verify the authenticity of the new part that has been put in. If the part is counterfeit, you know what to do. Go and question the mechanic immediately.

  1. Detached spark-plug, and other sneaky tricks

Mechanics will often pry on unsuspecting customers. They will deliberately detach the spark plug a lil bit to tell you that there is engine trouble; or will not immerse their dipstick fully to tell you an oil change is needed. The best way to avoid these mechanic scams is to load up yourself with knowledge. Read your car’s user manual to learn the basics of your vehicle, when oil-change is needed, what are the basic guidelines to be followed? Read blogs and articles online about car maintenance. The more knowledge you have about your vehicle, lesser are the chances that the mechanic will dupe you with such cheap tricks.

  1. Frequent service milestones

Don’t let the mechanic scare you into taking your car to the service station more often than you should. If a service shop tells you that the car needs oil change every 7,500 miles, or you should get 17 point inspection done after every 10,000 miles, don’t take his word for it. Refer to your car’s manual. The manufacturer gives you guidelines on basic car maintenance tasks. Trust these guidelines over anything that any mechanic tells you.

However, here is the most important tip you can follow to avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous mechanics. Stick to one shop, and try if you can find logbook servicing. When you visit a shop regularly, you build a personal rapport, which gives you a better chance at getting good, honest, and affordable car servicing.

Above mentioned tips help you to find the best mechanic who can give you best car services. Visit this link if you want to get more information about it.