The use of bamboo poles as an eco-friendly decorative element for homes and offices has become an integral part of many home-decoration ideas, but before you install bamboo poles in your home, you must search for the good varieties of bamboo, know how to maintain them, and treat them with insect-repellant liquids so that they remain durable for a long time. Bamboo poles are often custom-made into many designs according to the requirements of a homeowner, and they are cut, dried, stained and lacquered to provide the perfect finishing touch to your interior or exterior decoration. There are also some varieties of bamboo poles which are dried in kilns so that they last longer, and they also show a great polished texture.

Choosing the right bamboo pole for your home: know the tricks and tips

Tip 1: measuring the area of the room

You must accommodate bamboo poles and timber poles as a part of your home decoration if you want a contemporary and rustic look for your interiors. Moreover, you should first measure the area of the rooms, the height of the ceilings, the texture of the flooring and the wall color, to get an idea about how to install bamboo poles.

Tip 2: choosing the right pole

Depending on the color of your home or the lighting option available, you can choose several varieties of small, large, sleek and sturdy bamboo poles. For the colors, you can rely on the natural ochre yellow varieties, the silver green ones, the brown rust colors, and also the golden brown varieties if you want a flame-dried color and texture of the bamboo poles.

Tip 3: you must choose a variety of bamboo that is three to five years old

While choosing bamboo poles, it is very important that you try to invest in all those varieties which are three to five years old, and not the very old ones, as their longevity gets reduced. By the time bamboo poles reach three to five years of age, they get thicker on the outer walls, and they can easily be used for construction purposes or for lumbering. In fact, when bamboo poles are used for flooring, you will be surprised to know that they last longer even when you compare them to plain concrete floors or oak floors.

Tip 4: choosing the cut and the cracking of bamboo poles

When bamboo poles are air-fried, the thin inner walls of these poles develop thin cracks. So you should opt for those kiln-dried bamboo poles which will be sturdier, and which will have very less moisture retention ability and they will not even crack after prolonged use. The cut of the bamboo is also another factor that you must decide upon, before you buy bamboo poles for domestic or for commercial purposes.

How to maintain bamboo poles? How can you take care of these poles?

You have to be very careful regarding the maintenance of bamboo poles. Usually you will face no difficulties when you use bamboo poles for your home, as these are eco-friendly, and they do not give out any toxic gases or they do not react with any natural elements. Moreover, if you maintain them properly over a long period of time, they are a great option for in-house investment.

Here are some points which you can follow to maintain your bamboo poles:

  • For good variety of poles which have been dried and dehumidified in fire kilns, you can simply wash them with plain soap and cold water, but do not use any harsh chemicals to clean the poles.
  • If you treat bamboo poles with organic washing products, their color does not fade, so you can remain tension-free for a long time.

These are the above tricks about how to use the bamboo poles for decorating your home. Click here if you want to know more details about the bamboo poles and uses of it at your home.