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Hearing disorders, speech and listening skills, identifying and treating audio-related disorders can be treated as part of audiology techniques and this also includes family counseling for all those patients who suffer from hearing disorders.

  • Even though some disorders caused after many years of birth, these can be cured to some extent only. If these disorders caused along with birth itself, then there are very less chances of cure whereas, in other cases, treatment is possible but not sure about the chances of cure.
  • Hearing disorder comes under such disorders which is non-curable if it is by birth. Although there is a possibility of hearing machines to use, there will be only some cases responding to these machines.
  • If they are deaf and dumb by birth, then it will become difficult for them to hear and in some cases, they are unable to respond for these machines.

What is audiology?

Audiology is a study of medical sciences which specifically studies about hearing, balance and related disorders. In general, audiologists are considered to be experts in non-medical diagnosis who will manage the disorders of auditory and balance systems. Audiologists will help people facing hearing disorders by helping them with different therapies. Audiology also includes analyzing speech and fitting of hearing aids and other assistive devices for those who have problem in hearing and also suffer from balancing disorders. They identify the disorders of hearing and balance systems by testing the individuals.

  • Audiologists help the people having hearing disorders by habituating them to speech therapies.
  • They help in prevention of hearing disability by offering exact solution to the problem.
  • They rehabilitate the persons facing hearing and balance disorder problems.
  • They counsel the parents and caretakers of the patient suffering from hearing disorder.
  • They teach special children by reading speech and improve teaching communication strategies.

Who are audiologists?

Individuals who are specialized in audiology are named as audiologists. Audiology study involves many things to be studied related to hearing disorders and balance system disorders. Audiologists can specialize in different fields like geriatrics, hearing aids, tinnitus and auditory processing, balance, pediatrics, cochlear implants and other issues. Audiology study involves different types of treatments which are used in treating the deficient individuals based on the disorder intensity. If the disorder is caused is due to sudden shock, then it can be treated by different treatment. Even if it does not bring any recovery, there are some hearing machines available which can make the sounds audible to the person up to certain decibels. Audiologists will suggest such machines for cases that lost hearing sensation due to sudden shocks.

Audiology and speech-related disorders:

  • One of the most important treatments noticeable in the field of audiology is speech therapy treatment. It is widely used for treating the individuals suffering from both hearing and speech disorders.
  • For such people, in order to make them communicate with others and to make them understand the speech spoken by others, speech therapy is highly used.
  • By giving treatment of speech therapy, people having both deaf and dumb disorders will be able to understand others speech even though they are unable to hear them. This is made possible by motivating them to observe the lip movement made by the opponents.
  • It is the successful treatment bringing confidence in them by encouraging them for observing and understanding.

For temporary disorders, there are some other treatments are followed in the study of audiology. If they feel impossible, they will suggest using some specific machines for some period till they respond along with medicines. Visit us if you want to know more information about audiology and it’s remedies.