If you have your own swimming pool in your house then you need to be very careful about the safety and security of your children because they can easily fall into the pool and an accident can happen at anytime. Now you are free from the constant security and safety-related tensions and you just need to install the pool facing which can protect your children from falling down into the pool. Building a swimming pool is quite easy but taking proper measures to ensure safety when a pool is around is something to think about. One cannot build a pool and leave it as is especially when there are kids and old people in the house. It is very dangerous for people of this age group to understand that swimming pool is unsafe. Instead of always having an eye on them and curbing their privacy one good option is to have pool fencing.

What is pool fencing?

Pool fencing includes keeping a safe barrier surrounding the pool to ensure safety. It mainly exists as a barrier for small children aged between 0 years and 5 years and very old people from falling inside the pool. Few countries have a law that specifies that the fences should have self-closing gates to maintain a safe pool area. Young kids are adventurous but the fence is built in such a way that kids cannot easily climb over it. Fencing for pools is installed mostly due to various reasons:

  • Safety for very small kids
  • Stopping pet animals from loitering in the area
  • Restricting unwanted access to the pool by trespassers
  • Avoiding tragedies

What are the features of pool fencing?

With wide varieties of fencings for a swimming pool, there is safety and sophistication for house owners. Depending on the budget and the style, one can choose the required fencing. Iron fencing is long lasting without deterioration and this fencing can be personalized based on one’s taste. Aluminum fencing is the most commonly used one. With polyester powder finish, they may last for a lifetime, making the fencing the most sought-after one. The maintenance of this type of fencing is easy and hence most backyards host aluminum fencing. PVC fencing gives stability and protection and gives the needed privacy to one’s property. It does not rust, hence it is easy to maintain. Few of them that are popular in most of the back yards are:

  • Steel/ iron fencing
  • Aluminum fencing
  • Glass fencing
  • PVC fencing

When setting up a pool the few things to consider are the design, cost, usability and its durability. There are fencings that are very expensive but don’t satisfy the requirements of the house owner. One should always follow the regulations for fencing as it helps in avoiding any tragedies. 

What are the basic requirements for pool fencing?

Most of the drowning cases of kids younger than 7 years are in the swimming pool in backyard. Hence installing fencing is intelligence. Keeping some fencing with not the standard height is of no use to ensure safety. Proper rules to install fencing should be followed, as safety of kids is the top priority of most of the parents.

  • Pool fence should be of the standard height. The regulations state that the height of fencing should be 1.2m from the ground level
  • The gap or space between the ground level and the pool fence bottom should not be greater than 10cm
  • Since the pool fencing has vertical bars, care should be taken about the distance between two bars. It should not be more than 10cm as kids can easily pass through them if the distance is more than 10cm.
  • Horizontal bars that are on the fence and that can be easily climbable by small kids should be at least 90cm apart.

All the above points should be considered to ensure complete safety to the kids from climbing and getting into the pool. Visit this link if you want to get more information about pool fencing.