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Death is an unavoidable truth about life, and the bodies of the loved ones need to be cremated when they die, by doing a proper arrangement of cremation. Its costs and all the formalities related to one’s burial are decided by the location of the burial ground, the flowers used, the caskets that are chosen, the memorial services and rituals which is particular about a caste or community, and also on individual preferences and requirements. And there are cases when you need to estimate the cremation costs not just for the humans, but also for your pet canines, and in that case, if you want to opt for green cremation, the costs can be a bit high. But initially, for human beings, the urn costs, preserving and procuring the dead body-all these have separate costs.

There are companies who undertake the cremation and related services for a price. The procedure is very well documented and the terms of service are clearly stated. Some mortuaries also allow only green cremation so that the environment does not get polluted, and the costs can go high during these.

Cremation Costs Depends on the Following Criteria

  • Casket: This varies from the very basic model to hold the mortal remains to very ornate ones to hold the memory of the loved ones. The more artwork on a casket higher is its price. If there are more intricate works on the casket, then the price can go up a bit. Most good varieties are made of fiber wood, hardwood or cardboard.
  • Service Fees: This includes fees for picking up the dead body and keeping it safe until the cremation is done, funeral home’s fee etc. Some times charges are also levied for allowing the relatives or friends to be present when the cremation ceremony happens. At times even the friends or family are allowed to initiate the cremation procedure and a fee is levied for that as well.
  • Memorial Service: A memorial service is conducted after the cremation is done with or without the remains from cremation. If it is an elaborate memorial and the venue is decorated with more flowers and garlands, then the cost can be more.
  • Region: The cost depends very much on the region too. If the cost of living is high then the costs as well is higher.

The Cost of the urn and how to dispose the remains?

  • Cost of Urn: The remains from cremation are kept in an urn temporarily before being dispersed or sometimes permanently. If the cremation remains are to be buried it is best to opt for a biodegradable Urn. If the cremation remains are to be kept without disposing then people go for higher end artistically designed urns that eventually decorate their living room.
  • Disposal of the remains: There are many ways of disposing the cremation remains. It can either be disposed in sea or any water body or bury them in a burial plot.  Throwing the remains in the sea will call for yacht services or few who could afford hire a private jet, where the cremated remains are scattered from air. Cremation costs will increase accordingly. The cremation service provider also gives certificates of when and how the cremation remains were disposed. Few are happy to bring back the remnants home. They opt for an aesthetic urn that can hold the remnants and display at their house.
  • Death Certificate: Procuring the death certificate is a significantly important service that is offered by such companies. They do charge a service fee for that as well.

Handing over the cremation services to a third party may seem to be an embarrassing or delicate thing to do however it saves time, money as the cremation services are handled by professionals. It gives you a great peace of mind especially when one is in mourning. When you decide about the cremation costs, you can also negotiate the cost with the local cremation association or the burial committee. 

These are the criteria where you can give a best good bye to your lovable person with keeping the cremation cost low. Go through this link if you want to know more about the cremation cost.