Sterling Silver is a very popular silver alloy. Sterling silver is nothing but pure silver alloyed with harder metals so as to increase its strength and durability. This is done because pure silver, though a precious and highly reflective metal with bright white shine is prone to scratching, as it is soft and very malleable. Sterling silver usually contains about ninety-two and half percent of silver and is combined with other metals. Plain sterling silver rings are popular fashion accessories not just among women but also among men. These rings can be gifted on birthdays, anniversaries and also on wedding occasions.

Fine silver with great purity:

The minimum fineness of sterling silver as per the sterling silver standard is 925. Other metals that can replace copper in sterling silver are platinum, zinc, germanium and even additives like boron and silicon. However, copper greatly increases the strength of the silver while keeping the beautiful color and shine intact. Also, the small amount of copper added to silver to make it sterling silver hardly has any effect on the precious metal’s value. You can also opt for plain sterling silver rings that have precious stones embedded into them. These are known for their luster, durability and fine texture that can go well with any type of garment that you wear.

The rings are chic, stylish and elegant:

Plain sterling silver rings are very simple yet elegant and chic. These are also not very expensive as compared to other silver jewelry.

  • You can mix and match these rings with any attire for any occasion and with any jewelry. They always look elegant and classy.
  • They will also increase the sparkle of your personality. They are a great fashion accessory and can be worn everyday and with any outfit. They exude grace and charm as well as class. These are also lightweight and thus very comfortable to wear.
  • A plain sterling silver ring comes in a durable and sturdy design. These rings are very often used as wedding bands. Being sleek bands, they fit snugly onto your fingers. All these features make plain sterling silver rings and essential part in your jewelry collection.
  • The width of plain sterling silver rings or bands as they are popularly called can range from two millimeters to twelve millimeters. They can be made in various shapes as well, including D shape, flat shape or court shape, which is also called comfort fit. The weight of these rings can vary from 1.1 millimeters to 2.3 millimeters.

Try to find out the mark of supreme purity:

Real sterling silver rings will usually have a mark on them to indicate their purity. These marks include 925, .925 or S925 and these represent the ninety two percent of pure silver in the ring.

The favorite rings of designers and jewelers:

Many jewelers today craft sterling silver rings. Various designs are also available in these rings. These jewelers and jewelry companies usually combine traditional craftsmanship with modern day production techniques to produce and craft these rings. The process of lost wax casting usually creates the metal part of the ring. This includes creating rubber, plaster and wax models or moulds of designs into which the silver alloy is poured. The ring piece is usually attached to tree in the casting machine, which is then cut from the tree. Quality control measures are then taken by checking for correct size, appearance and shape. The uneven and rough parts of the ring are then removed by applying polish. This also gives the rings a stunning shine and gleam. The ring is then further adorned with stones etc.

Plain sterling silver rings, however, do not require going through this step of adornment. Sterling silver rings can be kept shiny by regularly cleaning them gently with cloth or cotton. Sterling silver, however, oxidizes on long exposures to air and thus tarnishes over time.

These are the above important details about the plain sterling silver rings. Visit this link and choose the best plain sterling silver ring for gift to your loved ones and surprise them.