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What does roadworthy mean? Basically, roadworthy is the ability of a vehicle to be fit for being driven across the roads and carrying on the purpose for which it is being used. Roadworthiness decides the capacity of a car, bus, truck, or any other kind of automobile with regards to the safety standards and other legal standards. For an automobile to be considered roadworthy, it should have all the legal permits, which allow it to be driven and used for its purpose including transportation of people and their belongings.

What is a Roadworthy Certificate?

This introduces the role of a roadworthy certificate, and this is essential for every automobile. A roadworthy certificate is a document which ensures and certifies that a vehicle is fit for being driven across the streets. Different authorities are appointed by the Government of the concerned State with the rights to provide roadworthy certificate. The authorities check or test the vehicle to ensure that they abide by the set standards. Once the vehicle clears the required benchmarks, it gets a road certificate issued in its name which is followed by the motor vehicle license. For different vehicles, the rules and standards vary, so depending upon the automobile the time interval for renewing the road certificate also fluctuates. For brand new cars, the road worthy certificate is provided by the manufacturers and for used cars and also for the renewal of the certificates you will need to contact a vehicle testing station.

The Necessary Process

There is a set process to apply for the road worthy certificate. And while you are ready to land on streets on your automobile, there is a need to follow the process and applying for certification. So let’s learn about what should be done.

  • Go to the nearest private or public vehicle testing station with various necessary documents including: Identity Document, Vehicle’s Registration Certificate, and the Prescribed Fee.
  • Fill in all the required information in the Application for Certification of Roadworthiness (ACR) form.
  • Submit the form for processing, and the time to be taken for the entire process varies from state to state.

The testing station would notify you about the necessary details including the time and fees required for the same.

Who can issue the road worthy certificate?

A road worthy certificate can only be issued by a licensed vehicle tester after testing the vehicle for all on all the necessary standards.

Tenure of the certificate

The tenure for a road worthy certificate varies from state to state and after the expiry of the tenure the roadworthy certificate needs renewal. The process of renewal will be carried on by licensed vehicle tester, and the process includes overall vehicle inspection. 

However, it is not necessary that the vehicle would remain road worthy throughout the time it is being covered with a certificate.

What parts of a vehicle are inspected? 

The key components of a vehicle are inspected in order to make sure that the vehicles are in the best condition to be used for their particular purposes. The parts which are inspected include:

  • Lights and reflectors
  • Steering, braking systems, and suspensions
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Windscreen and windows including font wipers and washers
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Vehicle structure
  • Other safety related items on the body, engine and chassis.

The uncovered non-inspected components

The road worthiness inspection test does not cover the mechanical reliability of general condition of the vehicle. The following components are not inspected while checking the vehicle for its road worthiness certification;

  • The general conditions of the vehicles in terms of wear and tear.
  • The vehicles accessories which are no related to the safety of the passengers or the goods, including air conditioner, rear window wipers, electric windows, rear window demisters.

Consider the above details of roadworthy certificate and its benefits to our vehicle. If you still want to know more then click here for further information.