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When we talk about the cold press juicers, the very obvious question that would have been revolving in your mind is what is a cold press juicer? If you are thinking about this then let us first discuss. Basically, a cold press juicer is an advanced juicing system which has been produced keeping in mind the fact that the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are of utmost importance for the health and consumers. A best commercial cold press juicer uses mechanism, which extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables by squeezing its pulp and pushing the juice out of the machine. The maximum juice is extracted from fruits and the waste that remains is literally the waste.

How is a cold press juice different from others?

The other juicers used for extracting juices from fruits and vegetables can also be called as the centrifugal juicers, and they extract the juices using high speed metal blade. The metal blade works by chopping the component, and then the chopped material is sent to spinner which filters the juice and sends it out of the machine. The juice filtered by the centrifugal juicer is less compact, and the water content is separated from the pulp if you keep it untouched for some time. The juice is not even good enough to be store and consumed in the later hours, so as soon as you extract the juice, it is advisable to be consumed.

Furthermore, the nutritive value of the juice from a centrifugal juicer is less when compared to the juice that is being extracted using a cold press juicer.

Whereas, a best commercial cold press juicer does not use a spinning blade, which means that no heat is produced by the machine while spinning the fruits and vegetables, and this helps the juice to retain the nutritive value of the contents. The mechanism used in a cold press juicer does crush the fruits and vegetables and extracts the juice by squeezing the pulp.

Best cold press juicers

There are numerous brands and products available in the market, and the best commercial cold press juicer would be the one that stands out perfect according to your set conditions. Depending on your budget, requirements and other factors, the best juicer would be the one that suits your purpose effectively. The factors that you should look for while buying a juicer should include the following;

  • Quality of juice

As we all know that a cold press juicer yields more juice than a traditional juicing machine because it ensures the nutritive pulp is not getting wasted. Thus, while buying a juicer, make sure to check the quality that it offers

  • Price

Yet another and probably the most important factor is the price. The product may range into wide categories depending on how much you could spend on it. Thus, depending upon your budget you should check the product and its efficiency. While you compare, there are chances that you attain the best results.

  • Ease of working

The juicer that you buy must be easy to work with, it is very important that the work in which you engage gets completed in least possible time. And the cleaning process should be simple enough to be done with ease and convenience.

  • Should be multipurpose

Make sure the juicer that you buy is versatile enough to accept components that you need to be juiced out. It should be flexible to work with various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other categories.

The juice that is extracted in a cold press juicer retains the nutritive value which is equal to the amount that is held in the whole fruit. And yet another big advantage is that you could store the juice for some days, as it would not deteriorate while being stored in the refrigerator. This makes the juice tastier and healthier. Click here for more essential things about best commercial cold press juicer.