Cafe blinds, also called outdoor blinds, or patio blinds, are a great solution to make your outdoors a lot more comfortable.

  • They can block the heat of the Sun during summers, and make your patio area a lot warmer during the winter months.
  • They are also a great solution for families with kids, since kids can comfortably play outside under the shade of the blinds.
  • However, like everything else in your home, selecting the right cafe blinds is crucial for longevity, utility, and aesthetics.
  • The best fact is that, you can choose your own customized version of cafe blinds, where you can experiment with styles, material and the correct designs.

Blinds are appropriate for both formal and informal settings:

  1. How thick they are and where can they be installed?

When selecting cafe blinds, take into consideration their thickness and how well they can block harmful UV rays of the Sun. Broadly speaking, there are two varieties of cafe blinds- one made of calendered PVC, and the other made of extruded PVC. Calendered PVC is sheets of thin PVC laminated together. While blinds made from this kind of PVC can provide good UV protection, they can often come with a milky haze. Since these cafe blinds can ensure both the retention of privacy and also a visual clarity, they can easily be set in homes, offices, in cafes and also in restaurants where there is a huge footfall of guests.

  1. Your budget

Cafe blinds can be combined with pelmets, valances and also with side-drapes, depending on which their cost can escalate or reduce. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of blinds, the more expensive they will be. But that isn’t the only criteria to be taken into account. While cheap blinds may be very easy on the pocket to begin with, you have to think how long they will last, and how much it is ultimately going to cost you when you have to replace them after a couple of years or so.

  1. The finish of the blinds

Cafe blinds are great for restaurants and food joints as they can be installed in patios, verandahs, small balconies and decks. They are washable and so they easily grab the attention of viewers. For example, if your patio area has hardwood flooring, or flooring in a warm tone, blinds in an earthy tone would accentuate the appeal really well. On the other hand, simpler aesthetics would be best complemented by blinds that are more muted and neutral in their appeal.

  1. Take into account the installation cost too

When selecting cafe blinds, make sure you take into account the installation cost, since you would need professionals to do the job. You could always DIY, but it would take you way more time and effort, not to mention the likelihood of some blinds not working the way they should.

Can general blinds not work outdoors?

This is an often-asked question when it comes to cafe blinds. While you could use all-purpose blinds outdoors, they just won’t last long enough. Cafe blinds are specifically built to withstand harsh weather conditions, not to mention their UV-protection quality. Moreover, in spite of being exposed to external weather conditions, their colors remain intact and the costly cafe blinds also come in motorized forms. Thus you can choose from a wide range of selection.

What about the upkeep and maintenance of cafe blinds?

Maintaining the clarity and aesthetics of the cafe blinds isn’t too hard. Here are a few tips for easy cleaning and maintenance of these outdoor blinds.

  • Use warm water and a mild washing agent to clean the blinds regularly. Clean them with a soft sponge.
  • Do not roll the blinds when they are wet.
  • When rolling the blinds, try ensuring there are no creases for better longevity and aesthetics.

Cafe blinds are great for your restaurants and food joints, Choose it from the wide collection. Would you like to know more about cafe blinds? Let’s go to the details to get a little more information.