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In case you have decided to opt for the colorbond sheds, there are some important considerations you need to make when choosing sheds. Irrespective of the size of the shed you are looking for, below mentioned are some steps that will help you to make the perfect choice.

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to write down all the measurements to help you in drawing an accurate plan.
  • It is essential for you to consider potential problems like that of overhanging trees and anything else under the proposed shed footprint such as pipes and conduits.
  • You need to consider nearby buildings, walls and drainage. These things are very crucial for council approvals; however, it will also assist you to avoid issues for small sheds that do not require approval which will comprise inadequate room for easily moving lawn owners in and out or dealing with potential damp issues.
  • You should check out the site that offers variety of colorbond sheds. You need to search for the sites that take benefit of what’s already there. Garages and large sheds could benefit from the pre existing access or paved areas for saving money over new carports, driveways, etc.

Make a list of things needed

Majority of the colorbond sheds are developed on the concrete slab. You need to make sure whether the site has space to form far adequate from the boundary walls.  When there is pre existing slab then that will save your time and cash. Your shed supplier will be able to recommend you on the appropriate footings. One thing that you need to do is to sit down and note down the list of everything that you will want to use for the shed. This should include all your shed furnishing like that of shelves, benches and worktables. It is essential for you to measure each of these items. Along with that you also need to include the things that would not be stored on the shelves.

As far as farm machinery and plant is concerned you need to calculate the turning space needed to bring in heavy attachments without removing it. It is essential for you to consider whether you will require power and lighting supplied to the colorbond sheds.

Use of the shed at workplace

In case you are making use of shed as the workplace then you need to consider the natural light. Clear roofing panels and solar lighting are alternatives in case you do not want to connect sheds to the main electricity.

Tools and items suspending from the colorbond sheds walls or roof is one of the best way to maximize the storage. In case you are looking forward to attach pulleys it is important to calculate the loads you are expecting to lift.

After this you need to draw on the graph paper the proposed shed size to the same scale and then arrange the paper models inside the space to know how it will fit well.

In case you are planning to be working in your colorbond sheds you will want the space to move around, mainly when you are working on the car or boat. In this case you will require space to open the doors. Hence you might also require considering to add an additional meter of width.

In case your shed is utilized for industry or agriculture, take out the time to future-proof it as much as possible. Make sure that you match your shed to the house or garden color scheme or else make it into a feature in its own.

If you don’t have sufficient details about this sheds, then click here, you will get additional information which will help you to choose best Colorbond sheds.