Experimenting with flooring is quite common these days. However, in most of the experiments people are using some of the other type of wood for flooring purpose. Yet another trending form of wood apart from oak is the cypress pine timber. If you are also planning to modify your home flooring then you can keep this timber as an option. Before coming to any conclusion it is better that you are aware about the most important aspect of this type of wood – Maintenance! Maintaining wooden flooring can be a messy job if you are not aware of the actual method. Wooden flooring will be an expensive measure if it is not maintained appropriately. Following is how you can take care of your cypress pine timber flooring.

Cypress timber generally can be used in any room, hallway, Kitchen, bedroom, patio, etc. However the use of these rooms is not the same. Areas like kitchen, living room, etc are used more as compared to bedrooms in terms of human traffic. Therefore the caring technique is a bit different for every room. However following are interesting tips that will help you handle your timber flooring like a pro.

  • The first wash is extremely crucial. You need to ensure that you make use of correct technique to clean your cypress pine timber first time. The correct method to clean a new timber for the first time is by dry cleaning. Take a damp mop to clean the floors for initial weeks.
  • Rooms like bedroom, private patio, etc. that do not have many people coming in are generally less used and therefore less grimy. Such rooms can be cleaned thoroughly once or twice in 6 months.
  • Rooms that have moderate human traffic like your library, staircase, hallway, etc. also doesn’t get filthy fast. So you can go for a complete cleaning procedure twice a month.
  • Areas like kitchen or a living room where you will always have people around are grumpiest areas of house. This is why such areas require utmost care and cleaning. You will have to clean these areas at least once a thoroughly.

In addition to cleaning the house thoroughly on regular intervals, dusting should also be regularly done. The simplest tool that can be used for dusting cypress pine timber flooring is a static mob. If you have a soft bristled vacuum cleaner, you can still do your daily dusting. Ensure that only soft bristled products should be used on the floor in order to avoid any kind of scratches.

Cypress pine timber is a soft wood and so polishing is always an issue. When hard bristles might lead to scratches then just think what will heavy forces like stilettos or appliances with wheels can do to the flooring. If you do not want your cypress pine timber flooring to get damaged too fast then hire a professional service for this. Polishing on regular time intervals will help in increasing the shelf life of the wood.

Keep away from water

Water is never a good friend of timber. Therefore while using detergents ensure that you never choose the water based ones. Even while making use of a damp mob for cleaning the floor you need to ensure that there is no extra water left on the mob. Thoroughly drain it out before using it.

While making use of cleaners for cleaning cypress pine timber flooring you should never pour the chemical liquid directly on the floor. You need to make use of mild detergents and cleaners on such flooring.

Therefore, above stated are tips for complete maintenance of cypress timber flooring. Now that you are aware of the cleaning tips, make sure that you take a wise decision.

If you are not having much information about cypress timber flooring, then go through this link, you will get to know much more which will help you in taking proper decision.