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It’s very important to have strong language skills in school. The students having auditory deficits have weak language skills compared to the other normal students. However, these individuals are intelligent in other ways. The students with auditory disorders find it difficult to get accustomed with the other students in school. Sometimes, it ends up in frustration and embarrassment.

Problems faced by Students with Auditory Disorders

  • The students who face this kind of problem are slower for learning and understanding lessons and also using new words.
  • The students with auditory processing feel think that the teacher speaks too fast. They start getting confused when teacher gives them complicated explanations.
  • Students with auditory processing disorder tend to fall behind in their reading skills. In the beginning, these children can face trouble in identifying the words due to poor phonemic skills. Others can easily understand them but they face trouble in remembering them. In the higher classes, these students face more difficulty with reading comprehension.  
  • Sometimes, these students have stronger vocabulary but face difficulties in recalling. They also face problem in finding and using correct words when they express. This acts as a hindrance in their abilities in group discussions. They easily get nervous when they are called for class discussions. However, many times, these students have great ideas but they face difficulties in expressing them. 
  • The students who have difficulties in expressing the ideas struggle in expressing themselves. The book reports, essays, compositions and stories.  As these kids don’t have strong language skills, they struggle very much with spellings.

Auditory Training Program

Auditory training is mainly an alternative and treatment for kids with auditory processing disorder. Children suffering from APD have got normal hearing but they have to struggle with the sounds they hear.  They tend to misunderstand what others say, including the teachers.

What is Auditory Integration Training?

In Auditory Integration Training, hearing devices are given to the children. These types of devices filter the sounds and amplify the frequencies and they help in clear hearing. AIT helps people to hear, discriminate and remember the sounds. This is very similar way of learning which also work for the people having hearing loss.

Auditory training is mainly provided by people that are certified in auditory integration method. Usually, they can be audiologists, teachers or therapists having extensive experience working with these types of students. However, this kind of therapy is expensive and time-consuming. If your child is facing with auditory disorders, this therapy can be of great help.  There’s no harm in trying this training therapy. The scientific evidence helps the kids to learn faster.  You can try this therapy with your child.

How the Training Helps Students in Learning?

Students with auditory disorders need some extra time in home and school. They need a good care to increase their skills in education. They need more time in writing, reading and spelling. The tutor who does this should be experienced and knowledgeable in working with the students with learning disabilities. 

However, there are many students with auditory disorders and they have benefitted with the auditory program. They mainly work with the language therapist. The specially trained specialists work with the individuals who have difficulties in communicating as well as understanding. The tutor and the therapist can work together in auditory training in order to understand language difficulties faced by the students.

Auditory Training is a very common treatment. With the help of this auditory training therapy, students can increase their hearing skills and can learn lesson much faster than before. Visit this link for more details about the auditory training and its benefits.