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Stone wall cladding is a popular type of cladding process carried out in buildings. It can mainly protect the façade of your house from harsh climatic conditions and it can give your building an amazing look. First you need to know about the basic process involved with wall cladding.

  • Over the structural surface of your building wall there is non-structural covering that is nothing but wall cladding. Wall cladding can also be done for interior surface of building.
  • Such internal cladding process can make your room look great.
  • In case the basic structure of a building is not done properly with utmost finishing work then in such a situation the stone wall cladding can prove to be of great use. It is essential to accomplish the installation process successfully.
  •  Right installation can prevent termites from entering the premises. It can also prove to be protective against fire and moisture.

Are you worried about the maintenance process? If yes, then don’t worry because such stone wall cladding requires minimum maintenance. While opting for such services you need to inquire about the warranty period offered by service provider. This can help you in decision making process aptly.

Architectural patterns:

Architects opt for stone cladding when they want to give a natural and beautiful look to particular projects. In stone cladding different types of material can be used like marble, limestone, granite, etc. in order to cover the inner and the outer wall the architects make use of material that is suitable to building project outline.

If you want to enhance the life span of the building walls then it becomes essential to select the right cladding method. Save money by opting for wall cladding method. Generally wall without any cladding demands regular maintenance. Further it may result into an increase in expenditure. Make maintenance easy by opting for the right stone wall cladding.

Use of proper colors:

Making use of natural color and thin stone products can make cladding long lasting. Using such products is essential if you want your stone wall to remain protected during changing climatic conditions. Maintain the look of the wall and protect it at the same time and it is possible by selecting stone products accordingly.

Tiles used for stone cladding need to be light in weight and thin at the same time. If you make use of natural stone then keep one thing in mind that they can be heavy in weight and thick at the same time. So in such situation you can also make use of stone tiles. These tiles are quiet light in weight. After installation they remain intact for years and offer right wall cladding solution.

Cladding for new walls:

  • Is it possible to carry out cladding installation process on newly constructed walls? Yes, on newly constructed walls you can definitely consider opting for cladding process and part of this can also be done on pre-built walls.
  • It is a practical solution to maintain a building wall which does not require any kind of additional support.
  • Is it a budgeted solution? Yes, stone wall cladding offers budgeted solution to wall maintenance.
  • Natural stone cladding tiles available in market are quiet thin and are available at affordable price. Carry out proper search work to find such tiles. Do you think such cladding process is durable? Opting for natural stone cladding process is definitely a durable option. It requires you to spend less amount of money on installation and maintenance process at the same time. Making use of good quality stone in cladding process can allow you to maintain the aura of walls for years together. The installation process becomes quite easy if the stone used is quiet light in weight.

Stone wall cladding is the process that requires least maintenance and so it can be successfully carried out by taking professional help. Visit us for stone wall cladding at an affordable price.