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Flowers make our special occasions joyous. The dahlia, rose, lilies, tulips, etc. are beautiful flowers, and these are many other variants in these flowers. You can choose the variants available locally, and get on with arranging these flowers. Decorating the bedroom or even your living area with flowers enhances the ambience of the room. Arranging flowers requires patience, as you have to trim the flowers, and also ensure that they last in the vase for a longer time. You can also add some dramatic sculptural display to these flowers by using ornamental fruits or even glossy leaves.

Things needed-

  • 1 bottle shaped vase
  • 4 tall Palm leaves
  • A monstera leaf
  • A dozen flowers of your choice like Dahlias
  • Bunch of red chilies
  • Water
  • Scissors

Step One- Picking the flower

Pick the right flowers. While using a vase, put a tape around it to create a grid formation, as this helps in creating. This will also help to balance the weight of the flowers so that the vase does not smash. You should pick flowers, which are not very open or close, and thus ensuring that the leaves are not coming off very easily.

Step Two- Vase Placement

Take the bottle shaped vase, and use fresh water to fill. This water is needed to retain the freshness of the flowers for a longer period. You should then submerge the monstrea leaf at the bottom of the vase. Then take the 4 tall palm leaves, and also place them in the vase. The arrangement should be such that the monstrea leaf should hide the stems of the palm.

Step Three – Make the decoration spicier

Add chilies to your arrangement. A bunch of fresh chilies or even dried ones can be used for adding some spice to your decoration. Make sure that these chilies are smaller in size than the palm. These should be placed in the center of your flower arrangement, and can be finished by adding a few monstrea leaves. Angle these leaves, and put them around the rim of the vase. You can also add some other flowers to this decoration for adding more texture, but Dahlias, lilies, tulips or even roses alone can also create the magical effect.

Step Four- Cut the stem

Cut the stems of the flowers so that they appear to be compatible to the height of the spherical vase. Then, you should remove the leaves that are lying below the waterline. Take some flowers in your hand and arrange them by cross stemming. Group some more at the back of the arrangement, and some in the front, while crossing the stems.

Step Five- Make the arrangement dreamier

Now you can arrange the remaining flowers in the vase and use wires to tighten the arrangement. Use your creativity to add some more flowers, or simply fan out the ones in the vase to create more volume.

Step Six- Clean and enjoy!

Place the flowers arrangement on the dining table or even at the center table. Quickly clean the area where you created your arrangement as flower stains can spoil your wooden pieces, and tablecloths. And now wait for the compliments to come by!


  • Try to keep the flowers misty by spraying water on them at short intervals
  • Get rid of the wilted blooms. This helps the opening of buds on the same stem
  • You can add some drops of bleach to the water to prevent bacteria.
  • Pick flowers that last a little longer like dahlia or tulips or even orchids


Don’t over water the flowers, and cluster them very closely.

You get good ideas for the arrangement of flowers from the above mentioned information. If you still want to make your occasion well arranged? Visit us and get more information on flower arrangement and make joyful occasion.