Caravan and camping sales dates back to early 1900's when the first Camping and Caravanning club was formed in the world. This phenomena practically started in Ireland when Thomas Hiram holding, a British Traveller took an expedition in the wild in Ireland with his friends. Later, he penned down his experience in a book titled "Camping and Cycling in Connemara”. This book happened to be the building block for the first Camping club called the Camping and Caravanning club.

As a way of outdoor relaxation technique:

  • Across the whole of Europe and North America, camping has become one of the favorite outdoor relaxation activities. Little did Mr. Holding know that something as basic as going out on a cycling trip with a bunch of friends would lay foundation for such a big booming industry called Caravan and camping sales?
  • What started in the early 20th century as a trip in the wilderness with very few basic necessities has now become a hobby for the Rich, Middle class, Youth and anyone for that matter.
  • Camping is no more the thing for a man with less means. Rather it has evolved as luxurious phenomena. Today there are all kinds of camping.
  • Glamping is a term associated with glamorous camping meaning camping in luxury as if one were to stay in a five star while on an outdoor expedition. Essentially a fully loaded experience ranging from good stays to swanky vans to lovely bathrooms, Wi-Fi etc.
  • These form part of the package at various camping parks. Backpacking, adventure camping, dry camping, Car Camping, Social camping are all versions of camping.

Selling a caravan with all its features:

  • And as they say that first the houses are built, then the water pipelines are installed and then other important things like road network, waste disposal system etc is laid down for the evolution of a new neighborhood in a far-flunked area of any city, similarly although the term Camping and Caravanning got coined with bare minimum necessities and for peasants not literally, but today it has become a full-fledged business.
  • There are Camping and Caravanning clubs across Europe and UK. You have various families who have dedicated their farm houses, country sides to camping. There are tones of equipment ranging from camper vans, tents, caravans, motor homes, fishing tools to various other accessories. Today it's an industry in itself.
  • Camping and Caravanning Parks cost anything from $1500000 to $200000. A camper van to house a set of 4 to 6 people costs you about $15000 to $ 25000. It has also evolved as a very good used equipment market.
  • There is an allied industry that runs parallel to this to take care of the smaller needs of individual campers like camping shoes, clothing, water cans, utensils, backpacks and what not. So today the Caravan and camping sales industry in England and North America is worth a few billion dollars and is only in an upward trajectory given that the houses are getting smaller and the association of human beings with nature getting farther. It’s a rage among the people these days to own a Camper Van or a Lavish Tent or any such camping equipment if not all and boy it comes for a price.

Lot of Camping and Caravanning enthusiasts swear by the parks they are a member of. There are avid nature lovers who make it a point to visit their parks every second year if not every year. The testimonials on the various Parks websites are a witness to this trend.

Not only this, but the concept is also catching up fast in other countries in the form of camping in the wild life sanctuary, dry camping in the desert nations, river rafting etc. So go through this link .Happy Camping folks!